We are proud to be officially partnered with Sarcoma UK. Having lost our best friend to Sarcoma last year Fan Girl is really a legacy to her. We wanted to raise money to fund research into this rare type of cancer whilst keeping her fun-loving spirit alive. Our ultimate mission is that no one should lose their best friend to Sarcoma.

Sarcoma UK is the only national charity providing specialist support, information, research, and awareness for all forms of sarcoma and all sarcoma patients. The charity has invested over £4.2 million into researching the causes, treatments, and care of sarcoma. The charity runs a specialist support line helping over 6,000 people.

A sarcoma is a rare form of cancer, symptoms include a lump that is hard to touch. Most people have heard of bone, soft tissue or intestinal cancer, all of these are sarcomas. Only 55% of people survive 5 years because sarcomas are often treatment-resistant and spread quickly.