Do you know what Sarcoma is?…
Probably not, and we would not wish you to either. It’s a type of soft tissue cancer that sadly we lost our best friend to, two years ago. 

It’s not a ‘popular cancer’ like breast or prostate so not many people know about it. This means people often find out late. Early intervention can stop it, but there is at present no cure. Basically, it needs our help! 

As a legacy to our friend, to keep her in the middle of the party, where she loved it MOST, we have come up with FANGIRL.

Via our team of sassy roaming sellers we will be selling hand fans on the dancefloor (where she could always be found and…they are most needed!). Encapsulating our girl, the vibe is fun, making friends, community, and positivity.

This project will help raise awareness and raise money to support the vital research in to this cruel disease.

20% of all profits will go to the charity Sarcoma UK who we have officially partnered with to support their essential work. 

Our ultimate mission is that no one should lose their best friend to Sarcoma. FanGirl – Lets GO.

Jess & Mims x